Burton Feingold Memorial Scholarship

Athletics – Valleyball, basketball and baseball coaches will select recipients for each of the three sports. 1st preference will be given to eligible applicants who were Pleasant Valley or Chico High athletes in any of the three sports. 2nd preference to eligible North Section athletes in any of the three sports. If there are no eligible applicants who meet the first two preferences, the scholarship will be any eligible applicant who is participating in volleyball, basketball or baseball.
Burton Feingold graduated from Chico High School in 1949, then went to Chico State. Burton played football at both schools, he always enjoyed sports of all kinds. His three sons played sports in high school and Burton was an avid fan. He worked at Chico State for 18 years in the Athletic Dept. as Equipment Technician and worked with all coaches and students. This scholarship is something he would be proud of.