North Valley Health Education Foundation

The North Valley Health Education Foundation, established in 1973, educates people about health-related issues and financially supports students involved in the health sciences. We are a unique foundation. We focus on the health of the North Valley and the education of medical students, including doctors, nurses and health technicians.
North Valley Health Education Foundation hosts six educational scholarships each tailored to a different student population with its own eligibility requirements and application process.

Individual scholarships include:
• Butte College Paramedic Scholarship Application

• Enloe Current Employee Scholarship Application

• Enloe Hospital Junior Volunteer Graduating High School Senior Scholarship Application

• Medical School Scholarship Application

• Bachelor of Science 4-Year College Nursing Degree Scholarship Application

• Local Area Community College Allied Health Degree Scholarship Application

Eligibility Requirements dependent upon individual scholarship

• Complete Application
• Statement of Education and Career Goals
• Transcripts
• Additional documentation may be needed depending on scholarship.

For more information about these scholarships and the application process please visit their website at or click on the visit button below.

Awards: Varies
Deadline: May 1, 2021