Colonel Steve Dorfman Memorial Scholarship

  • College of Agriculture major
  • Class level sophomore, junior or senior
    Applicant will be asked to demonstrate the following:
  • Public service record, faculty recommendation, showmanship qualities, participation in 4-H or FFA; personal goals and accomplishments; trustworthiness; ability and commitment to assume responsibilities; leadership qualities.
  • A good GPA is not necessary.

The purpose of this scholarship is to help the applicant who most closely reflects the attributes (listed above) of the late Steve Dorfman. He was a student here in the late 60’s early 70’s. He worked his way through college by showing and shearing sheep. He went to auctioneer’s school and became the leading auctioneer (sheep) on the West Coast. He also raised some outstanding Suffolk sheep on his ranch in Sonoma County. He was quite active in the livestock industry until his death from cancer at a very young age. The colonel title is normally attached to all auctioneers.