CALRTA Mt. Lassen, Div. 9 Teacher Scholarship

  • Acceptance in teaching credential program.
  • Must have attended high school in Glenn or Tehama County.
  • Minimum overall GPA 3.0.
  • Funds will be distributed at the onset of the *Phase II *teaching program, whether fall or spring.

In 1993, President Dorothy Rinehart asked Marvin Woodstrup to develop a scholarship program for Carlota, Mt. Lassen, Division 9. Prior to 2011, the scholarship program consisted of a panel of retired teachers who developed criteria, and selected and met with candidates who were graduating seniors from high schools in Glenn and Tehama Counties. One scholarship of seven hundred fifty dollars was awarded to a deserving student from each county. These two scholarships were provided by donations from retired teachers of Div. 9.