Caroline Aldrich-Langen Scholarship

  • Undergraduate: Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students
  • Maintain min. 2.3 GPA
  • Must demonstrate commitment to the development of student leadership at the university level
  • or serve other students in a peer advising role (i.e., as an advising intern, EOP, ETS, BRC, Upward Bound, MESA, residential adviser, or in another academically sanctioned advising role).
  • The intent of this scholarship is to recognize a student who demonstrates a commitment to student leadership and/or peer advising.
  • Student is required to respond to supplemental questions after applying for the general application.
  • Scholarship is renewable, must reapply again to be eligible.

Background: Caroline’s work with students in an admissions and advising capacity was important to her and a great benefit to the students. Caroline’s commitment to international students led to her involvement in research for admissions officers and in UNESCO activities to assure the international exchange of students.


$1000 min
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your experience working as a peer advisor, what you've contributed and what you have derived from the experience. Tell us how the experience has helped to shape your goals for your higher education and what you will do after you graduate.