BSS Entering Student Scholarship Fund

RECRUITMENT – These awards are to attract and recruit the most excellent candidates to succeed in a behavorial and social science course of study. The scholarships are presented on a competitive basis to deserving incoming freshmen and/or transfer students in numbers and amounts as resources may allow. The award decisions are made by a committee seated by the dean from a pool of applicants being recruited for admission to one of the college’s academic programs.
Contact the College of BSS regarding an application during the fall admission application cycle. The applicant must "Provide adequate information to demonstrate historical involvement in extra curricular activities related to the social sciences, such as the following:
a. Service to community organizations such as volunteer work in a hospital, convalescent center, special education school, or other similar endeavors
b. Historical community service through participation in student government, Junior Statesman program, Girls or Boys State activities, moot court competition, Model U.N., peer advising or other school-based service functions
BSS-BSS (Dean)