William 'Ken' Warner Presidential Scholarship Endowment

  • Majors: all eligible
  • First year students only and must enroll fulltime for award year.
  • Scholarship is not renewable

Minimum qualifications:

  • High school GPA 3.3
  • Submission of the university on-line scholarship application
  • Requires minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 for continuing eligibility each term of award year.
  • Financial Need

William “Ken” Warner was born November 19, 1943. He graduated from Chico State’s College of Business in 1978. He went on to earn his CPA. In 1984 Ken and Steve Ridgeway formed a full service certified public accounting firm, Ridgeway & Warner in Santa Barbara, CA. Ken retired from the firm in June 1997.

When he died, Ken Warner left a portion of his estate to Chico State to be dedicated and used for scholarships purposes. Thus, the William ‘Ken’ Warner Presidential Scholarship was established as a selective scholarship benefiting highly-qualified first-time freshmen students.